The Ending and the Beginning

The next morning was bright and clear.  Snow had fallen overnight.   I took a quick walk in the crisp air not far from my cabin and asked God for guidance.

I called Rick as soon as I got back.  Kim answered the phone and immediately put Rick on.
“Hi, Sharron.”  He sounded so weak, I almost cried.

“Hi Rick”  I blurted out,  “I  took a walk this morning by Prosser Reservior. A snow storm came thru last night and left the trees so white and the sky so blue. It just took my breath away.” I paused.   “Rick, do you believe in life after death?”

“Yes”, he answered.

“I believe we will meet again someday. And I want you to know that I learned a lot from you and I’m really glad we met.”

“I’m glad we met too.”

“I love you, Rick.”

“I love you, too.”

“ Well, I have to go now to get ready for work. Bye.”

“Bye.” he answered.

I wasn’t at work an hour when the call came.  Rick passed away minutes after our conversation ended.   It was then I realized that he had waited for my call.  This was my first experience toward understanding that we choose our time of death.

I felt so grateful for knowing Jin Shin Jyutsu and being able to share it with Rick. He is with the angels now and because of our relationship, he opened me to the journey of working with the dying.

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