The Mountain Man (cont)

Abby and Mark met me at Rick’s apartment.  They escorted me into a darkened living room mainly because the drapes were drawn .  The wood stove created a cozy and warm room on this cold winter day.  Rick lay on the couch in front of the stove watching Star Trek on the TV.

Quietly I asked,  “Hi Rick, how are you doing today?”

Rick managed a smile, then garbled, “OK, sometimes better, sometimes worse.”

“I’d like to offer Jin Shin Jyustu again for about an hour this time.  You can continue to lay on the couch and relax.  Much like when I visited you in the hospital.  Does that sound all right?” I asked.

He shook his head yes.

I pulled back the drapes to bring light into the living room, then stoked the fire and sat down on the carpeted floor next to Rick.  I lay my hand on his left heel and placed my right hand under his tailbone. Not another word was spoken because he drifted off the sleep. An hour slipped by quickly and before I left, I said, “Rick, I’ll call you in a few days for another treatment, OK?”

“OK, and thanks.” he slowly replied.

I let myself out of the apartment, closing the door quietly, feeling content that Rick’s pain had subsided for awhile.

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