Open Your Heart To Abundance

When our perception shifts toward change, our heart will follow.  However, sometimes our heart resists or may even be stuck.  Therefore, when our vital essence isn’t growing, we are dying.  That’s where TFT (Thought Field Therapy) comes in.  This tapping technique has proven beneficial in awakening the meridian channels within the body.  Specifically, emotional issues that don’t feel good.

My heart awakening brought profound clarity, creativeness, motivation, and happier times flowing into my life again.  Opening your heart is just a few minutes away.  Follow the steps below and you will begin to live more abundantly.

As you place your left hand over your heart, first rate, on a scale from one to ten, (ten being the highest), how are you feeling about any issue that you may have a charge on it. Remember the number or write it down.  Then with your right hand start tapping your left hand with two fingers on the side of your left hand, underneath the little finger up to fifty taps,(this is called the PR spot or Physical Release point),  all the while imagining the issue of upset.

With the left hand still on the heart, take your right hand and two fingers to proceed with the nine Gamat Series.  The Gamat series is a group of nine rapid treatments performed while tapping the “Gamat Spot” on the back of the hand.

To locate this point, make a fist with your non-dominant hand and note the knuckles standing on the back of your hand.  Place the index finger on your dominant hand in the valley between the knuckles of the ring finger and the little finger.  Now open your hand.  Then move the index finger about 1 inch down toward the wrist.  This is the Gamat point.

Begin tapping the gamat spot with two fingers, about three to five times per second and continue tapping while performing all nine steps below.  (Tap five or six times for each of the nine-gamat positions)  It is very important to tap the gamat spot throughout all nine of these gamat treatments.

Open the eyes
Close the eyes
Open the eyes and point them down and to the left
Point the eyes down and to the right
Whirl the eyes around in a circle in one direction
Whirl the eyes around in the opposite direction
Hum a few bars of any tune aloud (more than a single note: rest the eyes)
Count aloud from one to five
Hum the tune again

(excerpt from The Healer Within by Roger Callahan, PhD.)

How are you feeling now on a scale from one to ten?  Ten being the highest.  Hopefully, you feel better, if not, just do it again until the number rating has lowered.  To learn more about this simple, affordable and magical natural healing method please visit

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