Joy, Laughter and Unloading Excess Baggage

Releasing safety energy locks 11 and 15 creates a flow of harmony and stability.  As you release, joy and laughter moves freer through the body.  It has been known to clear back and sciatic issues as well as improve neck and shoulder discomforts and healing broken bones 50% sooner.  Below is a diagram on the two points to hold.

Opening the Left Side: Place your left hand on right shoulder(11), right hand on right groin area(15).
Opening the Right Side: Place your right hand on left shoulder(11), left hand on left groin area(15).

Review From a Client;

In my work as a medical transcriptionist, I spend from six to eight hours a day typing at a keyboard.  About eight years ago I began noticing occasional numbness in my right thumb, along with some mild pain in my hand and wrist.  I started to worry that I might be developing carpal tunnel syndrome, as people who constantly use their hands to do specific repetitive motions can be prone to this condition.  I asked my friend and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, Sharron, if she could do a treatment to help my hand and arm.  She said I could do it myself and showed me the self-help hold, which she suggested I use once or twice a day for five minutes at a time.

I started that very evening.  It was so easy!  One of the nice things about Jin Shin Jyutsu is  that I didn’t have to worry that I might not have my hands on the exact precise point and therefore might not be doing any good.  Sharron said to imagine a three-inch circle around each point.  As long as I was touching the circle, the point was being activated and energy was flowing.  I was eager to feel better, so I did the treatment twice daily.  Sometimes I would breathe deeply and visualize healing taking place.  Other times, I would watch TV or chat with a friend.

I can’t remember exactly how long I did the treatment before my symptoms disappeared,  but I don’t think it was more that three weeks.  Since then I have used this Jin Shin Jyutsu hold whenever I notice any pain or numbness beginning.  If I start the treatment right away, the symptoms disappear within a day or two.  There also seems to be a cumulative effect.  During the first couple of years after I learned this hold, my symptoms would recur three or four times a year and would do the treatment for a few days.  However, over time the symptoms have occurred less and less frequently.  It has now been at least two years since I have had any symptoms.  I am so pleased with my results that I have shared this self-help technique with many coworkers. I spend hours at the keyboard everyday, typing steadily, and my hands, wrists and arms feel great!  And thanks to Jin Shin Jyutsu, if I should have a problem in the future, I know exactly what to do.

Thank you,  Luka Rain

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