A Heart Of Gold

Ever know somebody with a heart of gold?  Audrey Kelly was that somebody that I had the wonderful opportunity to encounter.  She was already over 80 years old and was living at the Senior Home in Truckee, CA. She was the strongest woman, other than my own mom, that I have ever known.  Audrey was also the most active person in her senior center complex.   She was always the first to help organize fund raisers for the needy in town or carefully watch the kitchen to see that everyone was fed correctly as well as setting up card games, crafts or holiday activities.   Many would come to her, young and old, for her words of wisdom.  She stood no more than 5 feet tall and sort of rolled when she walked because both hips had been replaced.   She easily could have passed for a Mrs. Claus because of her short white curly hair, round solid body and kind and easy going manner.

However, life hadn’t always been kind to her.  She ended up raising a family of eight children by herself.  Her husband was an alcoholic and in those days, women didn’t have many choices of creating an income. When her children were younger she did a lot of ironing for other families. As they grew older, she started working in a school cafeteria.  After awhile, she was promoted to Kitchen Supervisor and stayed in that position for over 20 years which enabled her to raise her family and create a network of friends.

Audrey was as sharp as a tack and had a knack for showing people how much she cared.  She was a special person and those who became her friend, learned this.

Audrey was curious about my work as a Jin Shin Jytusu practitioner as she was always open to learning something new.  I had the pleasure of offering Jin Shin Jyutsu to this soft spoken woman for almost 2 years.   She was on a fixed income but managed to budget in one or two treatments a month.  Of course, I only charged $15.00.  After about a month after starting treatments, she revealed an embarrassing situation to me.

“I was standing outside the senior center waiting for the bus to arrive, when suddenly my pants felt wet.  I looked down and noticed a dark spot on the inside of my pants.  I was horrified.  Immediately, I turned around and walked back to my apartment.  The next time it happened I was at the store waiting for the bus, only this time I didn’t have any choice but to wait.  After that, I bought myself some diapers.  It was humiliating to realize I had come to this point in my life.”

“But after receiving a couple of your treatments, the incontinence cleared up and I didn’t have to wear diapers anymore.  I can’t tell you how its helped my self-esteem.”  She smiled widely.

On another visit, she proudly lifted her arms overhead and exclaims, “Look, I haven’t been able to do this for over eight years.” Her arthritis pain had lessened and she decided to give up her pain medicine and save some money.

We became wonderful friends in the years she received Jin Shin Jyutsu from me.  However, she became disillusioned with living at the senior center because of the pettiness of the people living around her.  Audrey was not a whiner or complainer and in 1995 at 82 years old, she made the decision to move to Montana to be closer to her family.  The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu does that.  I’ve seen it happen more than once.  Regular treatments helps clarify any unsettledness in your body and your life, then propels you into a positive direction.  I may have lost a client but I didn’t lose a good friend.

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